College Bike Tour

7 Colleges, 7 Days, 400 Miles

Read the full article from The New Learning Times at the Columbia University Teacher's College here.

The College Bike Tour program is designed to provide 10 current Cycling Smarts students the opportunity to follow the I Challenge Myself Century Ride with an even greater challenge: a 400-mile 7-day New York State college bike tour that exposes students 7 very different colleges.  The goal of the Tour is to further challenge our students to aspire, focus and prepare for college and life after high school.

The Tour is a two-week program that exists in two parts.

Each day on the road, our students wake up at 6:00am, ride for 50-80 miles and arrive to the college by lunch. At each school, students experience informational sessions with the admissions departments, meetings with current students, and introductions to a variety of majors and departments. The students eat meals in the campus dining halls and sleep in the dorms. The group is followed on each ride by a support van that carries their bags, food, gatorade, spare bikes, and all the tools needed on the road.

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week one:

5-day college preparatory sessions in NYC consisting of destination rides throughout NYC in the morning and our unique college readiness classes in the afternoon. 

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Week two:

7-day bike tour throughout New York State, riding 50 miles a day, and visiting 7 different schools: Syracuse University, Cornell University, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Oneonta, SUNY Cobleskill, Bard College, and West Point.