I Challenge Myself provides opportunities for public high school students to strengthen their bodies, minds and spirits. Our school-based fitness programs introduce students to endurance sports that help students develop, socially, academically and physically.

I Challenge Myself is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that introduces youth to non-competitive endurance sports, currently cycling and cross fitness that promote self-challenges. We partner with New York City public high schools to offer fitness and enrichment programs to students during the school year. Since our launch in February 2005, we have directly served over 1700 public high school students ages 14–19 in the Bronx and Manhattan.


Kids’ participation in sports has been shown to develop positive relationships with peers and adults and develop specific life skills that help them to make safe choices and maintain healthy lifestyles.

“Emerging research that finds that perseverance and resiliency are critical 21st Century skills that must be taught in our schools and are equally as important as content knowledge.”

The more I push myself in the program, the more I want to excel in every other part of my life. The program has given me the confidence to believe in, and trust, myself.”
— current student
The program did really challenge me because when I first came in the class I wasn’t worried about my classmates. I like to ride bikes and I needed these three credits. But now I can look back at it and say that these people are not my classmates these people are my teammates. I can say that I have grown.”
— current student
The challenge for me was to be a healthier person, especially because I have asthma. I felt proud of myself of being able to do the 100 miles. This program has completely changed my habits… I stopped going to fast food restaurants.”
— current student

Our Impact