Cycling Smarts

Cycling Smarts is a sports-based youth development program that takes high school physical education out of the gym and onto the streets of New York City! Our classes in the Lower East Side, Washington Heights, and the South Bronx offer students the opportunity to ride throughout all 5 boroughs, maintain their bike, gain cycling skills, develop their strength and endurance, set goals, and grow their knowledge of nutrition and physiology.  Every semester ends with a culminating challenge that all Cycling Smarts students take part in together.


Cycling as Alternative Physical Education in NYC Public High Schools

Cycling Smarts is offered as an elective physical education class at 4 different NYC public in the fall and spring semesters. Training rides range from 15-60 miles after school and on weekends during warm months. Students spend the winter months building their strength through our unique resistance training program.


Goal-Setting: Grit, Perseverence,

and Determination

We believe determination is a muscle that every individual can train and strengthen. Students spend each semester setting and tracking personal and fitness goals with monthly "check-ins" and personal reflection. Our goal-setting curriculum encourages students to see obstacles and set-backs as steps on the road to success. 

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Active design summit 2017

January 21st, 2017 was this year's Winter Challenge: The Active Design Project Summit. Our Cycling Smarts teams spent the fall learning, researching, and developing a project plan to answer one question: How can we make students at our school live more healthy and active lives? Each team is challenged to identify a way that they can make a positive change at their school. The projects are planned entirely by the students, designed to affect their school's needs specifically. This event was our students' opportunity to share their project plans and get constructive feedback from engaged adults with the diverse and varied set of skills and experience in the I Challenge Myself network.


The 12th Annual I Challenge Myself Century Ride

On June 4th, 2017 I Challenge Myself will hold our 12th annual Century Ride!  Over 90 students, coaches, and volunteers ventured out on a 1-day, 100-mile ride from the Bronx, NY to Carmel, NY (via the Putnam Country Trail system) and back to the finish line celebration in Manhattan. For 12 years I Challenge Myself has offered the only youth century ride in the United States!